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Is Yoga Strength Training? Podcast header.

Is Yoga Strength Training?

I get asked all the time " Is X workout strength training? (pilates, yoga, Orangetheory, Bodypump ...) In today's episode I break down how you can answer that for yourself.

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A NEAT Way to Increase Your Metabolism. Podcast header.

A NEAT Way To Increase Your Metabolism

A little Alphabet Soup here for you today: BMR, TDEE, TEF, EAT & NEAT. Perhaps you're thinking WTF right about now;) I promise to keep it simple and keep it actionable. By the end of the episode you will better…

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What White Eyes You Have. Podcast header.

What White Eyes You Have

On today's Q & A episode of The Fitness Simplified Podcast we cover: Optimal protein intake for building muscle Pullups My white eyeballs (not kidding) Getting Started when you're just so discouraged and lost. Want help getting started? Consider this…

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Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). Podcast header.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

A listener messaged me to ask why sometimes she's not sore after workouts, even if it was a real butt kicker. She's concerned she's doing something wrong when she's not sore. Today I break down: What DOMS is When you're…

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How I Got Into Fitness. Podcast header.

How I Got Into Fitness

You might think I've always loved lifting. That I knew my way around the gym or was an athlete growing up. Nope. I was a fitness newb in my 40s! I want you to know it's never too late. You're…

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Lifting Q&A. Podcast header.

Lifting Q&A

On today's episode I am taking all your questions about workouts and exercise! For more fitness content: Instagram: @kimschlagfitness Twitter: @kimschlagfitnes TikTok: @kimschlagfitness

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