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Cardio For Heart Health podcast graphic.

Cardio For Heart Health

Learn what you can be doing in terms of exercise to support a healthy heart. We'll dive in to best practices and the practical application of those practices. Two other episodes you might be interested in: Episode 159: My personal…

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5 Ways To Get A Better Workout podcast graphic.

Five Ways To Get A Better Workout

You have a goal. You dedicate time and energy in the gym training. So let's make sure you're getting the most you can out of those resources you're investing. Today on the podcast we'll talk about 5 ways you can…

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Home Workouts That Work. Podcast header.

Home Workouts That Work

Can you train effectively at Home? What are the pros and cons of training at home? What can be the limitations? How do you set up a home gym? I'll talk you through it from base level to totally tricked…

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Is Collagen a Good Source of Protein? Podcast header.

Is Collagen a Good Source of Protein?

Q&A Episode of the Pod today. Taking your questions from Instagram. We cover: "Is collagen a good source of protein?" "Is eating 1200 calories for 1-2 weeks ok?" "How to get stronger? I feel like it's so hard to progress…

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