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I Can't Eat That! podcast header.

I Can’t Eat That!

What foods do you automatically think: "I can't eat it!" What if I told you it's possible to have a relaxed relationship with ALL food (yes, even donuts and chips!)? In this episode you'll learn how to shift from food…

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The Craziest Workout Trends I’ve Tried podcast header.

The Craziest Workout Trends I’ve Tried

Learn how to spot whether a workout will be effective for your goals by walking down memory lane with me. I'll share the craziest workouts I've tried and why they weren't effective. 🚨 Free workshop- Exercise for Fat Loss over…

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Build Your Own Workouts podcast header.

Build Your Own Workouts

Let's talk workout programming: How many days a week to train How often to train each muscle What to do in each workout What are the main movement patterns you want to include each weeks? How many sets? How many…

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4 Lessons on Beginning

Fitter After 40 Want to lose weight and feel more confident in your body? Join the 100s of women over 40 who have lost pounds and inches and gained strength and peace of mind with my 8 week online program ⁠Fitter…

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Starting Peri With a Lot of Weight to Lose podcast header.

Starting Peri With a Lot of Weight to Lose

You came through with excellent questions on this week's Q & A episode: Best advice for someone entering Perimenopause with a lot of weight to lose Joint pain in perimenopause How to do a bulk to get stronger without gaining…

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