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I Felt Like I Was Getting Caught! Podcast header.

I Felt Like I Was Getting Caught!

I want to show you evidence today that you *can* make huge changes to your body & mind when you’re 40*. My guest Christine won the first round of the Menopause Weight Loss 60 day Challenge. Come listen in as…

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How Sleep Affects Weight Loss? Podcast header.

How Sleep Affects Weight Loss

On today's episode I share some personal accounts of how sleep impacted my weight loss and how it is definitely impacting yours! Are you a woman over 40 who’s tired of trying over & over to lose weight with little…

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How To Make Peace With The Scale. Podcast header.

How to Make Peace with the Scale

On today's episode we discuss how to can finally make peace with your scale! We talk about how you can have a healthy relationship with it and food and its not as hard as you think! For more fitness content:…

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How to Be a Trainer After 40. Podcast header.

How to Be a Trainer After 40

Its never to late to make the switch to working in the fitness industry! In this Episode we discuss Emilie's transition to the fitness industry after a long career as an audiologist. Hear how she did it and for those…

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