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How low should you squat? Podcast header.

How Low Should You Squat

Q&A day on the pod. Today we cover: How low should you squat? How to handle loose skin Ending your cut early Lifting intensity as you age High reps, light weight or low reps heavy weight? Creatine Does perimenopause hinder…

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Night Time Overeating Coaching Call. Podcast header.

Night Time Overeating Coaching Call

Episode 139 is a coaching call with Fitter After 40 Alum (and current Aging Stronger Society Member) Dawn. Dawn has come so far and has put in place so many pieces of a fit lifestyle: she nails her protein, trains…

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Why Amd I Stuck? Podcast header.

Why Am I Stuck?

Fitter After 40 Alum Jeanette, who's made incredible progress over the last year is feeling, well, Stuck. Maybe you feel stuck too? Join us to hear the kinds of questions you can ask yourself and the kinds of strategies you…

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Learning How To Push Yourself In The Gym. Podcast header

Learning How To Push Yourself In The Gym

Fitter After 40 alum Tina joins me to both share her incredible results (hello goal weight!) and ask for direction on moving to maintenance & growing her glutes. Along the way we talk about the roles of both structure &…

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Life After Fat Loss. Podcast header.

Life After Fat Loss

On today's episode I answer a question I received on Instagram about life after fat loss. I walk you through 5 things you can do *during* a fat loss phase to help you keep your results long term.

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A NEAT Way to Increase Your Metabolism. Podcast header.

A NEAT Way To Increase Your Metabolism

A little Alphabet Soup here for you today: BMR, TDEE, TEF, EAT & NEAT. Perhaps you're thinking WTF right about now;) I promise to keep it simple and keep it actionable. By the end of the episode you will better…

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Weight vs. Fat. Podcast header.

Weight vs Fat

Weight and Fat are not the same exact thing and if you treat them as though they are you might find yourself discouraged, distraught and even in a position of giving up on your goals, even when there was never…

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What White Eyes You Have. Podcast header.

What White Eyes You Have

On today's Q & A episode of The Fitness Simplified Podcast we cover: Optimal protein intake for building muscle Pullups My white eyeballs (not kidding) Getting Started when you're just so discouraged and lost. Want help getting started? Consider this…

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Maybe You Can't Afford Not To? Podcast header.

Maybe You Can’t Afford Not To?

Where do you want to be come December 31, 2022? Today we're going to talk about the path you'll take to get there and I'm going to ask you some hard questions. Stick with me and give some thought to…

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