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What White Eyes You Have. Podcast header.

What White Eyes You Have

On today's Q & A episode of The Fitness Simplified Podcast we cover: Optimal protein intake for building muscle Pullups My white eyeballs (not kidding) Getting Started when you're just so discouraged and lost. Want help getting started? Consider this…

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Alcohol & Weight Loss With Beth Feraco. Podcast header.

Alcohol & Weight Loss With Beth Feraco

On today's episode I'm joined by my friend and colleague Beth Feraco. Beth is a strength and nutrition coach, a recovering alcoholic and TikTok's resident Nutrition BS detector. Join us as we talk about alcohol and weight loss, how to…

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How to Be a Trainer After 40. Podcast header.

How to Be a Trainer After 40

Its never to late to make the switch to working in the fitness industry! In this Episode we discuss Emilie's transition to the fitness industry after a long career as an audiologist. Hear how she did it and for those…

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