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Meal Prep & Planning Made Easier

Want to lose weight and feel more confident in your body? Join the 100s of women over 40 who have lost pounds and inches and gained strength and peace of mind with my 8 week online program Fitter after 40.…

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Lower Cholesterol Longer Life

🎉 Big Announcement: Fitter By The Day is NOW OPEN! FBTD is an essential 4-week health protocol for daily body and mind training. Daily movement, protein tracking, mindful eating, and crucial mindset work will move you from where you are…

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My Current Weight Loss Phase: Q & A podcast graphic.

My Current Weight Loss Phase: Q & A

Answering your questions about my fat loss phase to help you with your current or upcoming fat loss goals. Fitter By The Day will be available Wednesday, January 4th. Make 2023 the year you make the leap from wanting to…

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