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197. 5 Secrets of Highly Effective Dieters podcast header.

5 Secrets of Highly Effective Dieters

On today's episode I'm spilling 5 secrets of highly successful dieters. These are strategies my Fitter After 40 members use to lose dozens and dozens of pounds. Get your name on the waitlist for the next round of Fitter After…

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196. Comfort Eating podcast header.

Comfort Eating

Black Friday Deal: 50% off Fitter by The Day is Live now. Use code BLACKFRIDAY50 to work with me for just $64.50 for an entire month!! You could wait to get started losing weight and feeling better until January 1st. Or you could…

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Moderation Challenge podcast header.

Moderation Challenge

Moderation is a skill you can practice 🤯 I describe what that practice can look like and give you a behind the scenes look at a moderation challenge I ran in my FAF Alumni group in October and tell you…

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