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PTSD, Anxiety, and Weight Loss. Podcast header.

PTSD, Anxiety, and Weight Loss

Sharon messaged me to ask about when and how to adjust calories & macros as one loses weight. We hopped on a call to hash that out and along the way Sharon shared her story of overcoming trauma and how…

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Mind Management Strategies with Sarah Duff. Podcast header.

Mind Management Strategies with Sarah Duff

Sarah Duff joins me to share powerful practical strategies to manage the 1000s of thoughts whizzing through your head each day so that you’re intentionally living instead of simply making decisions on autopilot. Sarah discusses: best mind management practices, what…

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How To Get More Time. Podcast header.

How to Get More Time

In this episode I walk you through a handful of strategies to get control of your time so that you can smash your fitness goals. I talk time audits, time hacks, my good/better/best method of choosing where to spend time…

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Just Love Yourself. Podcast header.

Just Love Yourself

If the advice to “just love yourself” leaves you cold you’re not alone. Many people hear that advice and think, “Ok, great. One more thing I’m failing at.” What if you look at loving yourself from the perspective of action…

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