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Will HRT Help Me Lose Weight podcast header.

Will HRT Help Me Lose Weight?

I'll answer this and other listener questions, including: If I'm short on protein should I go over my calories to meet my protein goal? How do I know what weight to choose for each exercise? I'm sick of salads! What…

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Self Sabotage Controlling Cognitive Distortion podcast header.

Self-Sabotage: Controlling Cognitive Distortion

Catastrophizing, mental filtering and all or nothing thinking are faulty thinking patterns that can derail you from reaching your goals. In today's episode you'll learn how to recognize these mental distortions and what you can do to shift to more…

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Stop Weighing Yourself Like That! podcast header.

Stop Weighing Yourself Like That!

NOOOoooo! The scale went up today! If you find yourself with angsty feelings like that about the scale: pay close attention to every word of this podcast. You'll learn how to properly use the scale as a tool to measure…

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199. Failing on Your New Year's Goals podcast header.

Failing on Your New Year’s Goals?

You haven't failed yet! Jump into this episode to learn 3 tweaks you can make to your goals so that you can achieve success when you're struggling to follow through. Resources shared in this episode: Fitter After 40 Waitlist:  Want…

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196. Comfort Eating podcast header.

Comfort Eating

Black Friday Deal: 50% off Fitter by The Day is Live now. Use code BLACKFRIDAY50 to work with me for just $64.50 for an entire month!! You could wait to get started losing weight and feeling better until January 1st. Or you could…

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Elevating Your Second Act podcast header.

Elevating Your Second Act

On today's episode let’s have a chit chat about how we want to show up for the second act of this life. I read something recently that has stuck with me. If only where I read it or who said…

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