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Menopocalypse: Thriving During Menopause. Podcast header.

Menopocalypse: Thriving During Menopause

On today's episode I am joined by fitness and omen's health expert Amanda Thebe. Amanda Has a new book coming out this Sunday which just so happens to be World Menopause Day. Her book is titled "Menopocalypse: How I learned…

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Health Over Everything. Podcast header.

Health Over Everything

Abs and toned arms are cool, but you know what's cooler? Being healthy. Today I'm joined by 53 year old fitness coach and author Pam Sherman. She shares her world rocking a-ha moment when it became crystal clear that her…

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How To Work Out Over 40. Podcast header.

How To Work Out Over 40

If you know strength training will give you the results you want: you want to look defined, you want to feel strong, move better & age well, but you just don’t know where to start with workouts, this episode walks…

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HRT...How safe is It? Podcast header.

HRT … How Safe is It?

Dr Heather Hirsch ( is a menopause specialist at The Menopause & Midlife Clinic at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. Today she explains: where the fear around Hormone Replacement Therapy comes from, is it safe, how to get the treatment you…

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Don't Blame Your Genetics. Podcast header

Don’t Blame Your Genetics

“My genetics stink! Obesity runs in my family. I work at this. I work hard at this. I don’t coast.” - Susan Niebergall There’s no question that genetics have an impact on both our health & our physiques. But... does…

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Menopause: Surviving & Thriving. Podcast header.

Menopause: Surviving & Thriving

As a perimenopausal woman I can tell you these years, though challenging can still be some of the best years of your life. Amanda & I chat about the symptoms that have rocked our worlds & strategies to manage them.…

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