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I Felt Like I Was Getting Caught! Podcast header.

I Felt Like I Was Getting Caught!

I want to show you evidence today that you *can* make huge changes to your body & mind when you’re 40*. My guest Christine won the first round of the Menopause Weight Loss 60 day Challenge. Come listen in as…

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Fit at Any Age with Susan Niebergall. Podcast header.

Fit at Any Age with Susan Niebergall

On today’s episode I am joined by my friend and colleague, Susan Niebergall. Susan is 60 years old and is in the best shape of her life. She got into that incredible shape starting in her 50’s! She just wrote…

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Menopocalypse: Thriving During Menopause. Podcast header.

Menopocalypse: Thriving During Menopause

On today's episode I am joined by fitness and omen's health expert Amanda Thebe. Amanda Has a new book coming out this Sunday which just so happens to be World Menopause Day. Her book is titled "Menopocalypse: How I learned…

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Health Over Everything. Podcast header.

Health Over Everything

Abs and toned arms are cool, but you know what's cooler? Being healthy. Today I'm joined by 53 year old fitness coach and author Pam Sherman. She shares her world rocking a-ha moment when it became crystal clear that her…

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How To Work Out Over 40. Podcast header.

How To Work Out Over 40

If you know strength training will give you the results you want: you want to look defined, you want to feel strong, move better & age well, but you just don’t know where to start with workouts, this episode walks…

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