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Starting Peri With a Lot of Weight to Lose podcast header.

Starting Peri With a Lot of Weight to Lose

You came through with excellent questions on this week's Q & A episode: Best advice for someone entering Perimenopause with a lot of weight to lose Joint pain in perimenopause How to do a bulk to get stronger without gaining…

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Elevating Your Second Act podcast header.

Elevating Your Second Act

On today's episode let’s have a chit chat about how we want to show up for the second act of this life. I read something recently that has stuck with me. If only where I read it or who said…

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Menopause Belly podcast graphic.

Menopause Belly

In today's episode you will: understand what is happening to your body so that you can make educated, empowered choices hear a fresh perspective on what an 'ideal belly" can be

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