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199. Failing on Your New Year's Goals podcast header.

Failing on Your New Year’s Goals?

You haven't failed yet! Jump into this episode to learn 3 tweaks you can make to your goals so that you can achieve success when you're struggling to follow through. Resources shared in this episode: Fitter After 40 Waitlist:  Want…

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Moderation Challenge podcast header.

Moderation Challenge

Moderation is a skill you can practice 🤯 I describe what that practice can look like and give you a behind the scenes look at a moderation challenge I ran in my FAF Alumni group in October and tell you…

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Elevating Your Second Act podcast header.

Elevating Your Second Act

On today's episode let’s have a chit chat about how we want to show up for the second act of this life. I read something recently that has stuck with me. If only where I read it or who said…

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Weight Loss over 40: 2 Success Stories podcast header.

Weight Loss over 40: 2 Success Stories

On today's episode I'm joined by Fitter After 40 Alumni Adrienne & Rhonda who lost 20 and 40 pounds respectively with Fitter After 40. Cone learned the strategies, habits, tools and mindset shifts they used to be successful with fat…

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Meal Prep & Planning Made Easier podcast header.

Meal Prep & Planning Made Easier

Want to lose weight and feel more confident in your body? Join the 100s of women over 40 who have lost pounds and inches and gained strength and peace of mind with my 8 week online program Fitter after 40.…

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