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Elvis Had Stage Fright. Podcast header.

Elvis Had Stage Fright

I promise I have a point 🤣 Let's talk about fear. Let's talk about belief in your ability to make changes. You in for that chat? Cool. Let's go! HERE is the link to the waitlist for Fitter After 40.…

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Are You A ProcrastinEATer? Podcast header.

Are You A ProcrastinEATer?

Listen in if reading that title made you think, "Wait, I think I do that!" I'll walk you through 4 steps to help you nip procrastinEating in the bud. This is one of the many topics I could coach you…

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Stress & Self Control with Dr. Kasey Orvidas. Podcast header.

Stress & Self Control with Dr. Kasey Orvidas

If like most people you've ever struggled with having "enough"  willpower to eat and exercise in the manner you desire (especially if you're stressed out) this episode is for you. In today's episode I sit down with mindset expert (for…

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Four Ways to Master Weekend Weight Loss. Podcast header.

Four Ways to Master Weekend Weight Loss

Every week it comes: the weekend. Wahoo! Or if You're trying to lose weight it might feel more like Wahhhh. In today's episode i share 4 strategies to help you navigate weekend weight loss success while still enjoying your weekend.…

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Night Time Overeating Coaching Call. Podcast header.

Night Time Overeating Coaching Call

Episode 139 is a coaching call with Fitter After 40 Alum (and current Aging Stronger Society Member) Dawn. Dawn has come so far and has put in place so many pieces of a fit lifestyle: she nails her protein, trains…

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A NEAT Way to Increase Your Metabolism. Podcast header.

A NEAT Way To Increase Your Metabolism

A little Alphabet Soup here for you today: BMR, TDEE, TEF, EAT & NEAT. Perhaps you're thinking WTF right about now;) I promise to keep it simple and keep it actionable. By the end of the episode you will better…

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