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Starting Peri With a Lot of Weight to Lose podcast header.

Starting Peri With a Lot of Weight to Lose

You came through with excellent questions on this week's Q & A episode: Best advice for someone entering Perimenopause with a lot of weight to lose Joint pain in perimenopause How to do a bulk to get stronger without gaining…

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Cardio For Heart Health podcast graphic.

Cardio For Heart Health

Learn what you can be doing in terms of exercise to support a healthy heart. We'll dive in to best practices and the practical application of those practices. Two other episodes you might be interested in: Episode 159: My personal…

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My Personal Eating-For-Heart-Health Quest podcast graphic.

My Personal Eating-For-Heart-Health Quest

Come with me behind the scenes as I my cardiologist evaluates my risk for cardiovascular disease: What tests are available so you can know your risk? What are the optimal numbers for these tests? What are current evidence based nutrition…

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How I Got Into Fitness. Podcast header.

How I Got Into Fitness

You might think I've always loved lifting. That I knew my way around the gym or was an athlete growing up. Nope. I was a fitness newb in my 40s! I want you to know it's never too late. You're…

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