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Night Time Overeating Coaching Call. Podcast header.

Night Time Overeating Coaching Call

Episode 139 is a coaching call with Fitter After 40 Alum (and current Aging Stronger Society Member) Dawn. Dawn has come so far and has put in place so many pieces of a fit lifestyle: she nails her protein, trains…

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Why Amd I Stuck? Podcast header.

Why Am I Stuck?

Fitter After 40 Alum Jeanette, who's made incredible progress over the last year is feeling, well, Stuck. Maybe you feel stuck too? Join us to hear the kinds of questions you can ask yourself and the kinds of strategies you…

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Learning How To Push Yourself In The Gym. Podcast header

Learning How To Push Yourself In The Gym

Fitter After 40 alum Tina joins me to both share her incredible results (hello goal weight!) and ask for direction on moving to maintenance & growing her glutes. Along the way we talk about the roles of both structure &…

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I Felt Like I Was Getting Caught! Podcast header.

I Felt Like I Was Getting Caught!

I want to show you evidence today that you *can* make huge changes to your body & mind when you’re 40*. My guest Christine won the first round of the Menopause Weight Loss 60 day Challenge. Come listen in as…

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